Thursday, July 31, 2008

Encountering S.P.I.V.s

A chap at work brought in an old game, old as in it was copyrighted in 1986, thats pretty old for a hobby game. Its' theme is a little odd. It has an overall space theme but with a "spiv" layer layed over the top. "Spiv" in case you didn't know is a dodgey dealer.

The object of the game is make money by visiting planets beaming up aliens and then selling these criters on the space stations.

There is a lot of randomness in the game and a lot of die rolling but it's certainly interesting especially for a 20 year old game. Older games tend be rather dull and pedestrian, roll and move type affairs. This one has random effects, things to be overcome and a light challenge. I'll do a review and session report sometime soon.

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