Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Game Ideas flowing again.

Well, I've posted up the first version of my Battle of the River Plate card game onto my web site and am still waiting for the Admins over at BoardGameGeek to authorise the games entry there ( it's been days and days).

So I've cleared that out of my mind and the game designer space in my head went calm for a day or two but it's starting to build again.

I've sketched out my design for the "Sink the Bismarck" dice game, and played through a couple of games. So thats back burner for a while.

But now I have two seperate ideas for 1-shot RPG's (story telling) that are stirring the waters. On top of that I've been mulling over another card/board game using the Powerpuff Girls cartoon as a theme. As of two nights ago a formular has been coming together for a game based on Hamsters!

Ahhhhhh Creative Juices are drowning me!!!!!!!!

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