Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pickett's Charge - Session Report

Here's my session report for a session of Pickett's Charge : Day three of Gettysburg which is a free print and play game that you can download and make up yourself.

The board was set up as per usual with the rebs from board left to right Brkh, Davs, A, Lane, Pett, Scls, Arch, B, C, Grnt, Armd, Kemp, Prry, D Wilx,

Likewise for the Yankies once again board left to right 8 HO, Osbn, 3-3-II, 2-3-II, 1-1-I, 2-2-II, Hzrd, 3-2-II, 3-1-I, McGv

In the following account I've only listed hits, not unsuccessful attacks.

Turn 1, Reb's advance, Yankies stay put.
Hzrd hits Grnt 1 pt. McGv hits Armd 1pt + retreat. A hits HO 8 2pts destroyed! D hits 3-1-I 1 pt.

Turn 2, general Reb advance again, to just shy of the midway mark. 3-1-I and McGv close up on the main Yankie line.
Osbn hits Brkh 2 pts + retreat. Mcgv hits Prry 2pts. A hits 3-3-II 1pt + retreat. D hits Mcgv 2 pts + retreat.

Turn 3, once again a general reb advance with the artillery holding back out of infantry charge range. Yankies who retreated pull back into the line.
Osbn hits Brkh 1pt. Hzrd hits Grnt 2pts + retreat. Mcgv hits Wilx 2 pts. The infantry opening fire on the Union left totally ineffective. A hits 3-3-II 2 pts + retreat. B 2 hits on 1-1-I. C gets 2 hits on 2-2-II + retreat. D hits Mcgv 1 pt. Wilx hits 3-1-I 1pt.

Turn 4, Rebs advance, D and A move towards thier left flank, while the rght wing slam into contact along Cemetary ridge. Blisswoods are causing a slow up and log jame on the reb left.
Osbn gets 1pt hit on Brkh. Hzrd hits Kemp 2pts. Mcgv hits D for 2pts + retreat. 3-3-II hits Pett for 1pt. 2-3-II also hits Pett for 1pt. 1-1-I hits Kemp 1pt. 1-2-II hits Prry for 1pt. 3-1-I gets 2pts on Wilx. A hits Osbn. Brkh hits 3-3-II for 1pt. Prry hits back at 1-2-II for 1pt. Wilx gets 2pts on 3-1-I + retreat + rout ( destroyed ).

Turn 5, Rebs are now able to move into contact along entire ridge, the full length of the line. A,B and C have stayed back out of melee.
Hzrd smacks Grnt for 5pts and destroys them. Mcgv hits D for 3pts destroyed!. 3-1-I 1pt on Pett. 2-3-II 3pts on Davs. 2-2-II 1pt on Kemp + retreat + rout (destroyed). 3-2-II 2pts versus Armd. 1-2-II 1pt on Prry. A score 2pts on Osbn. A hole appears in the reb centre! C scores 1pt on 1-1-I destroyed! Brkh gets 1pt on 3-3-II. Pett scores a 2pt hit on 3-3-II as well. Davs 1pt against 2-3-II + retreat. Armd lucks out with 3pt on 3-2-II opening a hole in the centre of the stone wall.

Turn 6, The Rebs "Arch" unit makes it onto the stone wall. The artillery Batteries A and B move to blast Osbn. The only yankie move is 2-3-II back up to the wall.
Osbn 1pt on Brkh. Hzrd 1 hit on Armd. Mcgv 1 hit on Wilx. 3-3-II 1 hit on Brkh. 2-3-II 2 hits on Arch. 2-2-II double hit on Scls + 2 retreats. 1-2-II 3pt hit on Prry destroyed!. A hits Osbn 1pt. C hits 2-2-II 1pt. Pett hits 3-3-II destroyed, the yankies right wing is dissolved! Arch hits 2-3-II 1pt. Armd hits Hzrd for 1pt.

Turn 7, The rebs envelop the Union centre, reb artillery a,B and C can now all fire at Osbn. Mcgv closes on the union left.
Mcgv makes a 4pt hit on Wilx destroyed!. 2-3-II hits Davs 1pt. A gets 2 hits on Osbn, destroyed! Pett 1 pt on 2-3-II. Lane 2 hits of 2-3-II. Finally Arch 3 hits on 2-3-II, destroyed. The Union conceed defeat.

All in all a very enjoyable game. A post game re-read of the rules we noticed that artillery can not fire into a hex adjacent to a friendly, but this only happened once or twice and then only on the losing side anyway.

Additionally we played without Hazletts guns as we could not decide on any kind of LOS for it becuase it is only described as being "off-map", but once again the chances of it making any difference to the Unions loss was minimal.

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