Thursday, July 03, 2008

A "Wormhole" Scenario

Here is my first stab at a two battle Scenario.

Scenario : Royalists Vs Separatists, played across two boards (1 at a time) connected by Wormholes.

Background : A remote Royalist research station has been developing a Hyper-Charge technique for doubling the charge speed of Particle Bows.

Unfortunately for the Royalists a Separatist spy in military headquaters has
been found. Although the spy has been terminated this was only done after he
had made an encrypted data transmission.

Royalist authorities have to assume that the Research Stations location is no
longer secure and must be evacuated. The research team have boarded a shuttle and are waiting to be picked up.

First Table Overview :

The first table will be played lengthwise. A Wormhole is placed at either
end of the table.

The Royalists will enter the table through one of the wormholes and thier
objective is to exit the table through the far wormhole.

The Royalists may enter 2 ships per turn through thier wormhole.

The Separatists start with all of thier ships on the board within 10 inches of their end of the table.

Forces for Table 1 :

Royalists : 4 Skirmish Fighters, 2 Missile Fighters, 1 Fleet Carrier, 2

Control Corvettes, 3 Particle Bow Frigates, 2 Hammerhead Cruisers. The
Royalist player decides which ships enter the table on each turn.

Separatists : 1 Fleet Carrier, 4 Skirmish Fighters, 1 Control Corvette, 1 Particle Bow Frigate. Special ; starting on turn 7 a new Seraratist Particle Bow Frigate will enter through the Wormhole at the Royalist end of the table.

The battle ends when all remaining Royalist forces exit through the Separatist wormhole or are destroyed.

Second Table Overview :

The second table will be played lengthwise. Three wormholes are placed on the table. Two are placed in the corners at the "South" end. The remaining Wormhole is placed in the middle of the "North" end. A Royalist Shuttle is placed 10 inches from the "Northern" Wormhole.

Forces for Table 2 :

Royalists : The Royalist ships that survived the First Battle will enter through the "South East" wormhole at a rate of 3 per turn.

Separatists : The Separatist ships will enter through the "South West" wormhole at a rate of 3 per turn. 3 Missile Fighters, 1 Hammerhead Cruiser, 1 Control Corvette, 2 Particle Bow Frigate.

The battle ends when the Separatists destroy the shuttle, or the shuttle joins a Royalist ship and exits through the "Northern" wormhole.

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