Saturday, July 12, 2008

Busy Game Design day

I'm feeling a little pressured today. No ones leaning on me for anything. It's just that when I get too many ideas at once I start getting stressed. I have a deep creative streak that drives a lot of my inner workings. I find it hard to ignore and just have to do the creative thing, whatever it is, as soon as possible.

At the moment I'm in a real creative gaming tizzy.
Creative urges can be a real bind!!!!!

Incidentally, for the secret project we are using the Google Docs web application as a collaboration tool. Anyone with a google mail account can also use Google Docs. I just created a new document and sent an invite to Jim, and now we can both read and update the document. It's and excellent web based feature that's allowing Jim and I to work together while in different countries. Check it!

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Jason said...

When I was working on my game Ambush, I used google docs for collaboration with my co-designer. Very useful tool.