Friday, July 11, 2008

Aint Creative Commons Great?

My game design Free Trader was released under a Creative Commons license which allows people to make thier own deriviatives.

They have. Two seperate people have redone the artwork!. My art was very minimalist, focusing on the saving of precious printer ink, and so these people have gone and up-inked the game by creating their own full colour art.

Whats especially great is that they have both taken totally differnt approaches. One chap's made a serious SciFi set, and the other a light hearted cartoony set. This means that the game is now totally approachable from three differn't viewpoints, depending on what appeals most to the individual. So this can only make the game more popular which frankly makes me very happy.

I enjoyed making the game, and gave it that license so that it could spread, and these two chaps are helping.

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