Saturday, July 19, 2008

Treasures and Traps - Session Report

On Wednesday night I dropped into a game of Treasures and Traps. I picked T&T because it doesn't run too long, and after the 10 mile cycle ride home I'm often too tired to play. But on Wednesday the little lad looked so doleful I had to play something with him.

I broke out the game shuffeled the deck dealt out the cards and then remembered the house rule. I have a little rule for T&T when playing with two. I remove the "Stink-Eye" card. This card prevents you from entering treasures, and as you need treasures this is a real bind. Additionally when this card is exited it is not discarded but rather moves to another player. So with only two players you get into a feed back loop of passing the card from one to another. Boring and ruins the fun, so I pull this card out.

So with Stink-Eye out of the game, I re shuffled the cards and dealt again. Unfortunately I dealt myself a bunch of poo cards.

My son won the die roll so went first. The first card he brought out was "The Castle" which prevents you from sending Creatures into his realm, and of course my hand was mostly made of Creatures!

I dropped a Bronze treasure into my realm.

On his second turn he drooped a Silver treasure and promptly stole my bronze. So that left him with two thirds of a winning position, I was really in trouble by turn two.

I forgot his Castle, tried sending a Creature to steal his Silver, but of course he remembered the Castle and pointed out my mistake. I looked through my cards again and realised I had the "Edict". When this card is played it changes the winning requirements from 1 of each treasure to 3 of one type. I played it which should set him back. I then successfully exited his Castle.

So we start turn three. He plays another Bronze treasure, meaning he is once again close to winning. Then... he gave me that look. Half smile, half in-your-face-old-man! He laid down a card that allows you to change a treasure of one type into any other type of treasure. He then deliberately and slowly lifted the die and made a show of rolling it.

So I chalk this game up as another loss to the near unbeatable son. Not only a loss but a quick and solid trouncing.

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