Monday, June 30, 2008

Film inspiration for a new game design

In the last couple of days I watched a Hollywood movie for the first time, and was totally absorbed by it from first to last.

The film is called U-571 and tells the story of a U-Boat during world war two. I was so excited by this movie that it set my mind in motion in game terms, so much so that I wasn't able to get to sleep that night without noterising all of the game thoughts that were spinning through my mind.

Strangely enough it wasn't thoughts relating to a game involving a submarine. Instead I was thinking about a card game based around the "Battle of the River Plate". Dont bother asking me how I got from U-571 to the "Admiral Graf Spee" because I have no idea. When I have one of those brain storming incidents there just is no accounting.

So here I am a day later with a set collection game ( with a twist ) theoried out. I now need to start working on the individual cards. I need to name the cards and determine their effects. Work out how the sets will be constituted and how many cards will be in the final deck.

So here's my plan. Work up the cards, plays a few hands with the family, fix any obvious problems. Then ask for playtest volunteers on Board Game Geek and go through the same playtest process. Once thats complete, submit to a few game companies, watch it become the the latest "big thing" and reture on the profits.

Good plan!

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