Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Emerald Session Report

The session included myself, my wife and my son. We have played once before so everyone knew what to do.

My son went first and clever lead off with 2 knights. My wife and I followed with 1 each. Then he made a double leap with his knights getting 4 spaces down the path. My wife was focusing on getting her first two pawns along the path and I was trying to move all of mine. My son was focusing on his first and second knights. He got into the cave first and started collecting Gold.

I followed him in and started my policy of taking gold only if it was worth more than a 1, other wise I was taking a gem. I only made one exception to that later in the game when I was able to claim my fourth green gem letting me gain the bonus.

I got about half way into the cavern and my son was still ahead when the Dragon got his first knight.

After that my wife moved into the carverns, the dragon started getting ravenous, getting two of my knights, one of hers and another one of sons.

My wife got the bonus for four mixed gems with her second knight and my I managed to be the first player to get a knight through into the horde, it did cost me two gold that had to be given up to the Dragon, still a profit!

The game ended pretty quickly after the dragon feast and we started handing out the various gem bonus'. I got the green and the others went to my wife and son.

My sons face lit up when he discovered he had won, he'd been a bit downcast when he was the first player to lose a knight. The scores were pretty close... he only won by about 20 points!

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