Friday, June 06, 2008

Proved it now

As you may know I've proclaimed that Star Wars Clone Wars risk is a broken game. Two recent plays of my copy have proven it.

In the first game I played the Bad guys. Some good play and nice die rolls had me on the back foot and in that "Risk Way" his reinforcements were more numerous than mine and I lost planet after planet until pushed into a single system.. Then I called Order 66 and BLAM I come through to win two or three turns later.

Then the second game that I watched, showed how the good guys have NO ADVANTAGE in game before order 66 is called. As I watched a series or bad rolls which threw the bad guys into retreat and the attrition did its thing wearing them down until in an untenable position.

So without the Order 66, the game plays like ordinary risk with neither side having an advantage, with 66 it's almost a pointless game.

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