Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cat Attack - Session Report

I have just finished a game of Cat Attack with the group at work, it turned out of be a blood fest! Cats were dying time after time.

The car managed to kill one or maybe two.

One was lost when it ended its turn in a garden after a raid.

Fireworks night came round twice and took two lives from everyone.

One was lost when a cat got trapped and had nowhere to move.

The rest of the lives went to agressive play with both "Cat Attack" cards and the normal landing on cat space, and also there were a few Cat Fights.

The game ended really quickly, I Attacked and then got took out of the game myself in a counter attack. Then the game came down to two players with one life each. One went on a raid of the others house but couldn't get out of the garden and lost its last life. We had a winner by the default of his being the only one alive!

This session took an otherwise fun family game and turned it into a strategic agressive gamers game.

I really enjoyed it.

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