Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hour of Glory :Session Report

I just finished my first play of Hour of Glory against another person. Previously I have only played against myself. My opponent was my son, a demon game player.

I took "Sneaky" Harris and my son the "bad guys".

Harris breached the entrance and moved to the southern door of room 2. He breached it and entered the room. He soon spyed out the room grabbing some intelligence.

Meanwhile the commander was coming down the corridor.

Harris left room 2 and headed west towards room 1. He reached the east door of the room breached it and went in moving towards the northern door.

The Commander was closing in. Harris collected some intelligence before the Commander came into the room. Harris dived for cover getiing out of sight. The Commander walked right over to where Harris was hiding and spotted him. A fight commenced and ended with the Commander laying on the floor and Harris opening the northern door and leaving the room.

Harris made the best of the time, he headed up the western corridor. He reached room 4 entered and collected the intelligence and left just as the Commander was waking from his knockout blow.

Harris headed north to room 7, he reached the door just as the Commander raised the alarm. A Guard opened the door Harris was preparing to breach, fists flew in a blur and once again Harris won out. The guard was left on the floor. Harris moved into the room opened the files and grabbed the intelligence he needed.

The Commander meanwhile was approaching the other door to the room and opened it. He moved into the room spotted Harris. Harris dived out of the room back into the corridor he was sprinting for the exit!

The Commander started running south down a parallel corridor, he caught a glimpse of Harris as they passed the matching intersections. That was enough he raised the alarm once again. Two guards came in through the entrance.

[i]Note : Was unsure if raising the alarm was valid. The rules say you cant raise the alarm until the gaurds from the previous alarm have left the building. However the only guard from the previous alarm was knocked out.[/i]

Harris reached the bottom corner and was held up by an oncoming guard. The fight went badly for Harris he went down.

The Guards thinking he was dead started leaving, the Commander was still coming.

Harris came round and moved towards towards the exit, but made a bad miscalculation. He was under pressure, the Commander was moving up behind him and he went too far towards the intersection. A Guard on his way to the door spotted him.

Knife vs Rifle Butt. Rifle Butt lost. The Commander closed in. Harris sprinted past the Guards' collapsed body and slipped out of the exit with 18 minutes in hand.

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