Monday, March 03, 2008

Chainsaw Warrior Session

Todays game of Chainsaw Warrior was the first time I ever get to see the big bad guy, sadly it didn't work out for the best.

Setting up went fairly well. I maxed out my Reflexes and got average scores for the other stats.

For equipment I got the Poison Coated needle, Steel Gloves, Automatic Rifle and Flare Gun. Of course I was also packing the Laser Lance.

I started rolling through rooms. An odd occurance was that in every one of the empty rooms I entered I did not find any wandering zombies!

Experience has shown that it's not worth risking your next, so I used the Assault rifle at every opportunity and ammo ran out pretty quickly. I meant a mutant and took a big 6 for radiation damage ( ouch! ). I hit a chasm and had to back out of the building. Unfortunately I only got 1 extra equipment point but this turned out to be the helmet that protects you from the zombie venom.

As I neared the end of the first deck, I passed into night time. At last I got to use the Flare gun, this was the first time I ever used that. It's actually quite a nice bit of kit as it allows you to bypass 5 rooms for each use and it has 3 uses. This got me through the first building and into the second. Thats fifteen rooms and once again I did not meet a zombie in any of them!

A second mutant once again hit me with another 6 radiation points, nearly killing me.

A mere 6 or 7 rooms later I met "Darkness". I only had 2 shots left in the Laser Lance ( the other was used to smash a door ).

I took two shots both missed. Then it was HTH. To win, darkness had to roll double 1 and I double 6. A few rolls later, one of us was dead, and it wasn't "Darkness".

Sad aint it.

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