Saturday, March 22, 2008


My son, otherwise known as "him". Had been thinking about Carcassonne. He's mad about dragons and had seen something on the web about the Princess and Dragon expansion. I told him I dont have that expansion but it sparked his interest.

I brought my copy of Carc' back from work where it's been living for at least six months (a good lunchtime game).

Anyway I decided we'd play without the farmers and not use the River. I laid out the starting tile and off we went.

2 to me.
5 to him.
2 to me.
4 to him.
8 to me.
6 to both of us.
12 to him.

And so it went on, backwards and forwards but he kept getting consistently more points. How does he do this to me every single time. I seem in incapable of beating this kid!

I'm just hoping he never asks to use farmers or I wont stand a chance.

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