Saturday, March 08, 2008

Zombie in my Pocket, session report

I just made up Zombie in my Pocket (a Print and Play game) and decided it needed to be played immediately. I went through the short set up and was ready to go.

I laid the first tile, the foyer ( I laid this tile 90 grees anticlockwise because of the shape of my play area).

Bravely I set forsth looking for the totem that is causeing the zombies to leave thier earthen beds. I went West and found myself in the Kitchen. I gained a health by consuming some munchies I found there.

Thinking this mission was extreemly simple I went West again and into the Dining room, where I found a candy bar and gained another health. I now knew this mission WAS really simple, especially as the dining room allows you to exit into the garden, so I now know where I have to go to once I find the totem.

I went west again and found myself in the Family room. Here things started to take on that slightly smelly odour of extreemly painful incidents. I was pounced on by zombies who did me 3 points of damage, ouch.

West again into the bedroom, oh no! More zombies, still smarting from the last attack I decided to back away slowly and shut the door, but they still got a swipe in, ouch.

North and I found myself in the Storeroom. More Zombies and found a Chainsaw!

The storeroom is a deadend so south was my only choice. From the Family room I had a choice east or west. I went east back into the Dining room and put the chainsaw to good use.

North again and found myself in the bathroom. Chainsaw came in handy once again. But this room is a deadend.

I went south again into the Dining room and found me some more zombies. East again back into the Kitchen and gained a desperately needed health by eating all of the Kellogs Corn Flakes.

North and I found myself in the Evil Temple. Took out some more Zombies and gained myself another chainsaw! Just in time as the other had just run out of fuel.

South into the kitchen, Zombies!

West into Dining room, zombies! The clock is heading rapidly to the midnight hour.

South, kicking open the door into the garden... Only it's not a garden but the Graveyard!!! This was both the source of the Zombies and place where the totem had to be buried, but there were four zombies here and the chainsaw was empty... I went down under the weight of numbers.

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