Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It's been a blummin long time. Today I finally got a game of Carcassonne played. It is months since I played this game.

I have the "River", "Count" and a the free Print and Play "Well and Donkey" expansions for the game. Today however because time was short we played a quick three player game with only the very base set.

It went well, and for the first time I finally got a handle on playing farmers properly. I was placing the farmers and then joining the fields. This is a technique one of the other players introduced me to by "kicking my butt" in previous games. It didn't all go my way and he still ended up with more farmers in the main field than me, but I at least felt that I gave him a run for his money.

The "River" has proved a good expansion, and as it doesnt change gameplay we usually incorporate it.

"The Count" has been used a few times but basicly we've found that no one wants to use it, so it kind of gets ignored. Perhaps it works better with 5 or 6?

"The Well and Donkey" is also well recieved and plays well into the basic game. It basicly just add a few extra tiles that arn't in the base game, but it's main feature is that it contains a couple of city tiles that make a city worthless. It's a really neat feature as it stops players trying for that huge city and this in turn makes farmers much more important. It's a great expansion, and free too! Where can you get it? Follow the Carc' link above, log into BoardGameGeek and you'll find it in the files section.

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