Monday, March 10, 2008

Making a game

Last night and half of yesterday afternoon was spent in making some of the components in the game Hour of Glory. This game is a little unusual in that it is available in both full boxed version and as a Print and Play download.

I'm obviously working on the Print and Play version. I'm really happy with how the game is coming together and how it looks. It's themed on a covert insertion into a military stronghold in WWII. For two to four players, one takes the role of the Germans/Austrian guards and sentries while any other players take the part of the agents attempting to break in and steal intelligence.

The rules and components are facinating. I've never seen a game that caught my attention like this one, and I am desperate to finish making it and give it a try. Sadly that day is while off yet as there are a lot of boards and components...

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