Friday, April 04, 2008

Another Hour of Glory

This week I played in my first three player game of "Hour of Glory : Stronghold Kit". I took the part of the Germans, and the two other players were the British and American sneaky spying agents.

One player (Harris) came into the stronghold quietly and went into the central room.

The other player came in noisey (Link) and went left,he was heard by the guard.

The commander exited his room and headed towards the noisey agent.

Harris spyed out the first room, exitied the room and went west to spy out the corner room.o

Link popped round the corner opened up with his gun and blew the sentry away. The other sentries turned towards the sound, and one of them spotted him, fired but missed.

Harris spyed out the corner room and Link moved though the door that had been guarded.

The commander was coming down the corridor towards the open door.

Harris moved north towards the next room. Link spyed out his room and then leaped out in front of the Commander. Bang Bang Bang, commander killed.

The new Commander was not roused from his bed for a couple of turns allowing Harris to continue his sneakyness. Link moved up to the crossroads and started trading fire with the two guards who could now see him. Eventually Link went down and the new Commander came to see what was going on and collect a few alert tokens.

Link came back up shooting, the alarm was raised three guards burst into the corridors and headed for the constant gun fire. Meanwhile Harris was sneaking into another room.

Link was turning the corridor into a bloodbath. Sentries bodies joined that of the Commander and then the Guards joined them. Finally Link went down again, but was up immediately. He dived round the corner heading for the western corridor and then headed north the the first door he could find, pusued by the last remaining guard.

The Commander turned his attention to the sneaking Harris. Unfortunately for the commander Link spyed out his room just before the Guard came in, this meant the spys had all the information they needed.

Harris turned noisey and started heading towards the exit. Link turned his gun on the guard and the guard was forced to lay down for a rest. Link started sprinting for the exit.

There was now an agent running down both opposite corridors. The commander headed towards the exit as well. The clock ticked down to 3 minutes as Link hopped out of the door. Then Harris moved across the corridor in front of the commander. The commanders pistol blasted him, he went down, and the last three minutes ticked away to zero.

Commander = Winner ( But only just ).

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