Monday, April 07, 2008

New Game Design

I've started working on a new solo game design. A while ago ( over a year I think ) I created a game called Solo Dungeon Bash. That was themed on a fantasy monster killing mission.

This new game is Sci Fi themed. For theme inspiration I've taken a combination of a Role Playing Game called "Traveller" and an old computer game called "Elite".

My game mechanic inspiration has also come from a number of sources. Imagine if you will, a game that has similarities to Island of D2, Zombie in my Pocket and Pocket Civ.

The objective is to trade, make money and pay off the space ship your using to do the trading. Adventure is provided at present by the depredations of stringent Police and Pirates.

I've been working with "tiles" and "cards" made with paper and hand drawn scribblings, but I'm now working on creating a PDF suitable for reading by others. Once it's done I'll put out the word on Board Game Geek for playtesters.

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Orlando said...

sounds great, I'd love to playtest this game!