Sunday, April 27, 2008

Killer Bunnies Session Report

We have just completed a cool game of Killer Bunnies. Myself, my wife, daughter and "him" my son. The usual pattern of these games is that we get going then a minor war develops between myself and "him" but today things turned out different.

My hand was quite interesting. I started with a Red bunny and the HALO, so these went straight into the run. The rest of my hand was specials, so I mentally queued these up for saving.

So the game proceeded, I started stacking up my specials my wife managed to bring out a couple of bunnies and "Him" did likewise. My daughter however was having a bunny glut and rolled out a constant stream of the furry critters. "Him" noticed her huge pile of bunnydom and pointed out that she was close to getting a couple of sets.

Up to this point the game had been quite friendly. I'd even noticed my wife and daughter dropping a couple of weapons into the discard rather than attacking. This is relatively unheard of in our games!

So it came as a bit of a shock when "Him" broke the loving peace that was our game. He layed in with the Cheeseballs, wanting to knockout out a few of my daughters bunnies, but in order to avoid his own bunnies he focused the attack on one of my bunnies. I looked him in the eye and we both knew it was "war".

The Cheeseballs killed my bunny but didn't infact hurt any of my Daughters. I had been holding bunnies in my hand and decided to bring them into play as a war was about to start. "Him" made another attack at my daughter, he closed the shop, then hit her with a "feed all of your bunnies" card. A clever move as she didn't have any cabbage or water. When her turn came round she made a deal with my wife and managed to swap bunnies for the required nutrients. She lost all but two of her bunnies but stayed in the game.

I launched my revenge attack taking out one of his two bunnies. He put his other bunny into Area 51, a couple of turns later I took Area 51 away by putting my bunny in there. He was prepared and fired some rockets that killed my bunny in Area 51.

The daughter rightly feeling hard done by after losing all her bunnies to "Him", decided to attack "Him". I stood by and watched this unfold, attacks were swapped between them until "Him" ran out of bunnies. My wife started to feel all of the motherly instincts and moved into help him out ( the available carrots were running low and she didn't want him be left out of the end game ), she swapped a bunny for a carrot.

He realised what was happening and made a play that put 4 carrots back into the market. We played on for a while, the knives were out along with the Laser, that killed by Holo bunny, leaving me with just the Red Bunny under the HALO.

"Him" had a single bunny in play, there was only one carrot left in the shop and I turned over my top run card that was a serious weapon. I was about to send it towards "him" when I caught a glance from my wife. She had "that" look. "That" look tells a husband many things, but at this time I knew exactly what it meant. I threw the card at one of her bunnies instead, leaving "Him" his single bunny.

I looked at my hand as I lost another bunny to "him", two Feed cards and three weapons, I giggled.

My turn came around again, I flipped over the Feed card. The look was given once again. I giggled and gave the card to one of my daughters bunnies. I drew another card, a Weapon, the pressure was getting to me I was giggeling again.

Then fortune shined on me, "Him" took that last carrot before I had to hit him with a weapon and suffer the wrath of wife. Phew!

When all was said and done, we had a great time depite the evil that is meta gaming.

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