Saturday, February 23, 2008

Print and Play wargame

Last night I spent about an hour constructing a free wargame called ... wait for it ... "V-Mail #2 - Unternehmung 25". You can download it for free from

Not the easiest of names to pronounce. I'm assuming its German but my grasp of languages is too poor to be sure.

The game itself is a postcrard wargame, that is it prints out on a single sheet of card/paper that you can fold into a postcard. It even has a space for the stamp!.

The theme is the German invasion of Yogoslavia in WWII. There are only about 20 counters in the game. The objectsives are to be in control of the cities at the end of the game which in only six turns.

After 1 single playtest the following points are obvious.

This game is really tough for the Yogo player. The German has more troops, better troops and air support.

The Game is really quick.

Despite its one-sided-ness its still interesting.

I'll be doing a full review on my Print and Play podcast shortly.

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