Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Him" constantly beating me

Yesterday I was totally trounced by "him" ( thats my son who wins more games than is actually possible by any law of nature, I've often thought that he is actually inhabited by some luck-spirit ) at Super Mario Bros Card Game. He's ahead in the ongoing score between us ( all sorts of games ) by about 104-1.

Having felt weakened and despondent after my huge defeat yesterday I roped my wife into a game.

I hoped that by having a third force in the game it might mitigate the overpowering aura of "him". I thought that marriage to me might even lead her to help me. I hoped I might have a chance of being on the winning side if it was two against one. Hope...

I thought I had finally found the way to beat him! In the first few turns I shot into the lead, I had about 7 coins to his 4, YES!!!!

We went on a couple of more turns, the bad luck seems to have migrated to my wife she has zero coins. I allowed a smile to cross my face. That may have been the wrong thing to do. Did he see me smiling? My smile turns to anxious sweating.

"Him" edges his score ahead of mine, but I keep close behind.

My wife cries out in delight, she's drawn a five coin character card. I manage to keep close on "him's" tail. Thats when it falls apart.

My wife draws a penalty card , she has to give a card to an opponent. I can see her cards they are laid face up between us. Her hand reaches down, my eyes flick to hers but she's not looking. Her hand is drifting towards the five coin card. She only has two, the other card is a puny one coin card. She HAS to pick the one coin card, HAS to. No! She's deffinitely going to pick the five. I cough. She looks at me asks if I'm ok. I slyly cough the words "other card". She cocks her head to the side. Again I cough "other card". She says I should have a sip of my drink and promptly grabs the five coin card and hands it to "him".

I cry to heaven, bewailing the fates. Sackcloth, ashes, tearing of clothes.

I take my go, and get a couple of coins. He's got 29 and I have 27, my wife has 3. The winning total needed is 30.

"Him" take his go. After teasing me by hovering over the draw pile that I think has a penalty card at the top, he plumps for the big pile instead. He turns the card over. It's the Princess, 10 coins...

I crawl to into my hole and update the chalk board 105-1.

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