Monday, February 25, 2008

Killer Bunnies!!!!!

A game night for the family and the votes went for Killer Bunnies ( no one else in the family seems to like to play Dune... go figure ).

I was especially happy as I recently made up four play mats for this game. BGG user "mothertruckin" has posted these in the files section on the Killer Bunnies page at BGG and I highly reccomend them. Thematic useful and fun all in one file, with a choice of colour!

Myself, my wife, "him" ( thats my son with the game winning luck of the evil one himself ) and my daughter.

We Roll Off to see who starts and my Wife leaps into the lead by laying down a bunny straight away.

I've lucked out and have two bunnies in hand, but I use my "special" tactic of only playing one at a time.

Daughter splurges out a bunny too and so does "him".

I was frowning as "him" started off with a bunny. "Him" always beats me so he's the one to watch.

A few turns around and its time for my first attack, I look around the bunny circle. My natural target would have been "him" but not today his single bunny has been spirited into Area 51. My eyes drift towards the Daughters collection, yes thats right, an actual collection of bunnys. Then my eyes fall on my wifes bunnys. Then I look up at her, she looks at me. My wife is not afraid to meta game. she says...

"You do, and I wont make you another cup of tea tonight."

She says it calmly, and without malice. She means it. Hmmm... My eyes wander back to my daughters collection. She doesn't have the "tea making" card to play. But then she winces. She's still in pain, after getting out of the hospital yesterday ( a five keyhole surgery !), so I clearly can't hit her collection.

I suck it up, and drop the weapon on my wifes bunny. It dies. She smiles. Then I know I'm in trouble. Thats her "this means war" smile.

The game proceeds. A minor scuffle between "him" and my daughter takes the sidelines as my wife hits me with weapon after weapon and a few "feed the bunnys" while shes at it.

Of course I retaliate. But she's rolling like a possessed thing tonight, I even hit with a level 11 weapon and she rolls a 12!

I'm beaten down, no bunnys and I hit a bunny drought. Then the carrots I'd collected are taken from me and put back in the shop.

I get a bunny back, I put a clover on him, and survive the next couple of womanly attacks.

And so we come to the end game, I have a carrot, my daughter has a few, "him" has lots, as does my wife.

We start looking for the magic carrot. I'm knocked out straight away, and as my daughter goes out next I'm confident that "him" is going to win as usual... but, no it cant be... my wife wins!!!!!!

She's cheering, I smile and conceed that she is the best gamer. I tell her she's beautiful. She still doesn't make me any tea.

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