Saturday, November 15, 2014

Trader's Vengeance - a game book

I have just made my latest game book, "Trader's Vengeance" available in paperback via

Backcover blurb:

After three generations of hard graft the starship that your grandfather, your father, and yourself have all grafted for, is in peril. If you don't make the next payment, you'll lose your livelihood, your home, your ship. There isn't anything that's going to stop you getting the money you need.

With aliens, pirates, robots, criminals, the military and even the police against you, the odds aren't in your favour. This is the time when the real inter-planetary trader come into his own. Warm up the engines, bring the guns online, snap up the cargo, it's time to make some cred.

Traders Vengeance is a game-book where you play the hero and choose the path to take. You decide which enemies to fight and which shipments to make.


As you'll gather, it's science fiction, and set in a Traveller-like universe.

I'm an author, I write adventure game books.

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Kurthl33t said...

Cool! A Felbrigg gamebook in a sci-fi setting!