Saturday, May 17, 2014

Traveller session - There are jumps and JUMPS

The Traveller campaign continued on Friday night.  It started with a little trepidation for the players as I'd asked them roll up new characters "just in case". Of course they assumed their PCs were doomed, but honestly that wasn't the plan. There were a couple of options early on in the session where the choice they made could have jumped away from what I had planned. By having "alternate" as opposed to "replacement" characters I could still have them play through the content I had in mind. Of course, I didn't tell them that.  MWAH HA HA HA...

Last session we left the heroes having defeated the alien creepy crawlies that had infested their ship. The engineers had also managed to get breathable air into the core of the ship, bridge to engineering, but not a lot else. They had the Jump drive on-line after three days. Thus the plan was for them to jump in consort with the Navy cruiser back to Affran to defend it against the Aslan invasion.

Of course it didn't go that way. Right at the moment of initiating Jump, there was a terrific explosion of power and a magnificent light show around the gravitational anomaly they'd seen on arriving. There was nothing to do and no time to worry or investigate as the Jump was in progress. They spent the next week in-Jump healing up from the fight with the bugs, while the engineers continued working on the Maneuver drive, which they were able to make barely operational.

When they emerged from Jump, things were a little weird. There were no stars. They soon discovered a number of things.
  • There was a gravitational anomaly behind their ship.
  • There was a planet near by, just one and no associated star.
  • They were between galaxies.
  • There were odd energy readings ahead of their ship, which on closer inspection resembled the outline of the cathedral ship they have previously encountered, but not the ship itself.
  • They did not have enough fuel to Jump, and they were way out of range anyway.
The planet was rather unremarkable. It had a thin unbreathable atmosphere that did contain  some hydrogen. A potential fuel source.

They decided to investigate the planet and found it a craggy rather dull rock. The only thing of note was an unusual smooth sided mountain. They landed on the mountain and climbed out to investigate. At the pinnacle they found a a vertical shaft driving straight down into the mountain. Their torches could make out openings in the side of the shaft that they could reach by rope.

They started investigating and found engravings of an unknown language around the entrance to the first hole which turned out to be a tunnel. They could only walk along this bent double.

The next hole they investigated was surrounded by engraved pictograms that appeared to show human-like shapes, but with four arms. Down this tunnel they investigated, and soon came to a room that had two stone statues standing in it. The statues were vaguely humanoid with bug eyes and no mouth, but did have four arms. They also seemed to be molded or carved from the floor, from the living rock.

They carried on investigating and found more strange things.  They found a room where there were control panels with buttons, switches, and knobs, all once again carved form the living rock. They dared to try one switch when made some stone nodules on the ceiling light up. They stayed wary and did not touch any others.

Next they found a large bowl shaped cavern where the floor was covered in stone eggs, again carved or formed from the living rock (think the egg-scene in the movie "Alien").

Next they came across a very very long tunnel with small cell-like rooms on either side. They were all empty and sealed with stone bars.

The last room they came across during the session was a truly awesome large cave with a device carved from the stone set in its center. It looked like a huge weapon, in the classic 50's style.

So right now, their ship is in orbit , the shuttle parked on the surface, a Marine waiting at the entrance to the shaft. A couple more Marines at the bottom of the shaft are investigating on their own and the PCs are wandering the miles of corridors.

Looking forward to next week. :)

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