Monday, May 26, 2014

Traveller Session - Going Deep

The session kicked off with the PC's still investigating what they've come to call the "Alien ant colony". They were returning to the central shaft when they got a call from Marines on the lower level. They'd discovered a glowing "force wall" across the entrance to a large storeroom.

They decided to try and destroy the wall with explosives. They retired and left a Marine to do the actual planting. A minute later he came running down the tunnel followed by the expected explosion. When they returned to the wall, it was intact but the floor was cratered.It was then that they discovered a control panel in the floor. Like everything else here it was made of living/flowing stone. A series of button presses soon had the door open.

Behind this door was a massive warehouse-room filled with metallic cubes. the cubes turned out to be sealed and without any way of opening them. A random cube was selected and carted off to the surface for investigation.

They then decided to investigate further sections of the tunnel. They came to another massive room filled with level upon level of the alien statues, each once again molded/carved from the living rock and armed with a spear. There were thousands of them. Marines were ordered to take one to the surface. With two Marines tugging on one of the statues it was soon broken free. This was carted to the surface too.

The collection was still incomplete so they climbed back up to the egg chamber and worked an egg free. This too went back to the surface.

There was more tunnel to investigate, but as soon as they started getting radiation alerts they backed off and returned with their collection to the ship.

On board ship they set to work on cracking open the box. An engineer was volunteered and he started cutting it open. A yellow viscous material leaked (slowly) out. A PC asked the engineer to test the liquid. The Engineer was a little nonplussed and may have said something like.. "I'm an Engineer Jim, not a scientist." Not knowing what else to do, he hit the puddle of liquid with a spanner. The liquid reacted and moved away, giving the impression that it was alive. A little panic ensued, the end result of which was a descision to move the box and contents to the nano-containment facility.

The box was wrapped in a tarp and carried up to the containment and placed into a glass tube. Then followed a series of electrocution experiments on the yellow liquid. It continued to react but showed no evidence of intelligence.

One of the other engineers turned up and ended the session by reporting that he has discovered a pulsing pattern within the gravitational anomaly and that the pattern was being matched by a power source down within the "ant colony".

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