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Classic Traveller, Two ships and no where to go

Some between session news...

Last night's session was a bit of an in-betweener. One player down and between mercenary tickets, so the PCs were milling around a bit deciding what to do. However they had a bunch of little scenes which I shall illiterate in no particular order.
They started in orbit of Stallone the planet where their ticket had been based. Having taken the Bertrum35 ship they saw no reason to leave behind the armed pinnace (snigger) that they shot down over the moss processing plant. So a recovery was set in motion and it was lifted up into orbit and mounted on the back of the Bertrum35 ship ready for transport to a port for repairs.

Everyone else was gathered up and they headed towards the sub sector capital (in the same system) Tircesoe. they even offered the Governor and his wife a free ride along with them. He'd decided that he had already lost his job and that the people on Stallone would never submit to his governorship after the war.

During the crossing one of their injured mercs  (Dita Abraham) called them down to sick bay and told them he wanted out of the unit. The pain and the hurt and the danger of dying was too much. They didn't want to lose Dita, so offered a promise of light duties during the next ticket and a bonus of 10000Cr. Hearing this from the next bed over, the injured Wirke decided that leaving the company was a good idea. Wirke was offered the same deal.

Private Zefim popped up to the bridge and demanded that they be given leave. The 35KCr in his pocket was burning a hole. He was told to tell the crew that they would all get a week off as soon as possible and that a rotation of leave would be in place after that. That put him at ease.

Once they arrived, the first thing to do was avoid the stampede as the troops left the ship, then decide what to do with Bertrum. The last session had left me a little confused as to his final fate. In the end the PCs were quite magnanimous and set him down on Tircesoe with enough money for a bus. Alive, even kicking perhaps, but not a happy man.

They visited their friendly local arms dealer and dealt with the resupply issue. They also tapped him for getting someone to fix up the damaged pinnace (hee hee). He was able to sort that out but the bill would be in the region of 1MCr. Two thirds of the profit from the last ticket in one fell swoop!

The PCs were fully aware that getting the captured Bertrum35 ship, now named the "Nimjin", into a dock for repair during war time would be exceptionally expensive and difficult, so set their hearts on cashing in the favour and letter of introduction to the sub sector leader.

They set off for his palace, got passed the guards and in to see a receptionist. They proffered the letter which she opened and examined. Then she took their contact details and said she'd be in touch.  They walked out of the palace wondering what to do next.

They decided they might make some money if they could sell the technology in the Aslan robots. Get someone to do the R&D and then take a cut of any profits. They called the arms dealer again and offered a demonstration of something to his advantage. He was more than happy to indulge some of his best clients! He soon arrived on board and was taken down to the hold. He didn't get it at first. Mind controlled robots were something beyond his comprehension. Then they gave him a try of the control helmet. He soon got carried away and had the robot dancing and  jumping around the place. He was delighted. He confirmed that he could handle this for the PCs, he knew people at the various weapons companies.

The next incident was a call from the unit's recruiting office. There was a man there offering a special job. He was invited to the ship and led in to meet the Marquis himself. The visitor  was doing a little verbal dancing until he was assured that he could speak freely without fear. The job he offered was bug-hunt. He represented a company called "Big Pharma" and he wanted some animals for research purposes. The animals could be found on an interdicted planet at the southern end of the sub sector. He was offering 10000Cr for a dead creature and 35000Cr for a live one, and wanted as many as 10 if they could be got. The PCs sent him on his way telling him to add a few zeros to the offer before they'd be interested.

A call came in from one of the sergeants that were on leave reporting that he was at the cop shop where three troopers were being restrained for being drunk and disorderly. Worse yet the Imperial press gang was on the way to bag them!

The PCs loaded up a bag with credit chits and rushed down to the cop shop. They managed to get the desk sergeant into a side room and offered him 5000Cr to "lose" the paperwork. He accepted the kind offer. They asked if he knew anyone who fancied joining a mercenary unit. He told them he'd let his friends know about the offer and that they should wait outside while he got to work on freeing their men. In just a few minutes the men were sent out the front but the desk sergeant was with too, he'd changed out of  his uniform and wanted to join up!

Another call from the recruiting office reported that there was a woman there looking for some men for a special job. She was shown aboard and introduced to the Marquis. She told a long and involved tale of a marriage to a man who only wanted her inheritance. A divorce had left her almost penniless, but she wanted her money back from the "bastard" who'd taken it. She was offing 50000Cr to get back the 4MCr that had been taken. They tried to negotiate a higher amount, but she wasn't having it, and was soon being led down to the exit. Just before leaving it was suggested that she might try the PCs other ship, where she might find some of the unit's off-duty men willing to spend their leave in helping her with her little problem. This was a pitch from the player to see if the away-team PCs might be interested in taking the job.

There ended the session, will the away team go for the job? Will a bigger job come along, for the unit entire? Tune in next week...

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