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Classic Traveller, Ticket Time - session report

In the previous session the players had tooled-up and started recruiting for their mercenary company, In tonight's game they started getting into the real meat of doing that by winning their first ticket.

They received a call from the secretary of an Indes officer (mega corp) asking them to appear for an interview the following day. They took the hint and the higher ranking PCs durly turned up outside the Indes building the following morning dressed in their newly acquired combat armour (and to show that they were serious customers with their laser rifles).

They passed through reception where they were given the executive lift key. The ride up to the office was in a plushy carpeted and gold appointed lift. It opened directly into the office of the Indes exec' Stavik Step. Stavik Welcomed the PCs, offered them a seat and some very well-aged whiskey. He also told them that he was expecting another visitor.

The other visitor turned out to be a chap by the name of Vertillum Sandertson a representative of Bertrum35, another mercenary unit. Stavik then described the issue at hand.

In the same system is another airless world (near airless anyway) called Stallone. The planet is wholly owned by Indes and is a major exporter of a moss-like food product. Unfortunately the locals, who live there under license, have been getting upperty of late. There is some kind of widespread underground movement that is stirring them up. This unrest has even led to armed attacks on the local police. Thus Indes is looking to reinforce their authority by placing a hard hitting mercenary unit on the planet to kick any butt that needs kicking, for about a month.

Stavik invited bids from the two companies. Bertrum35's opening bid was 7MC. The PCs joined in the bidding by under cutting, and were themselves undercut. Various other factors were thrown into the mix, such as Bertrum35 taking a week to deploy versus the PCs immediate deployment. In the end the PCs won the deal with the following bid. A one month contract for 3MC + 10% of the increase in tax revenue over the previous season's tax income to be paid at the end of the contract.

The PCs left one fire team to watch over their base and loaded the rest of the platoon on board ship and traveled to Stallone. Once there they met the Indes appointed governor, Kaylor Thondhets and there was a discussion of how the PCs might employ their services. Kaylor wasn't looking for the suggested Shock-and-Awe show, but rather a reinforced police action.  At one point the PCs suggested simply removing the population, and I was reminded of Baron Harkonnen saying that you do not waste a population. So the PCs were told that was not financially viable, and that for now at least they should stick to the proscribed police actions.

The game moved to the first mission. A heavily armed and armoured squad of our friendly mercenaries joined a police convoy to a nearby ranch where taxes were due.

They arrived at the ranch and the police leader, Tarbel Nightstick, went up to the airlock and banged away on the door but got no answer. When the PCs asked if he wanted them to blast the door, the cop was OK with that, he didn't seem to care about the rancher or anyone else inside, he only cared about getting to their money chits.

About this time one of the police went down with air escaping from his suit and it looked like a bullet was to blame. The police started to panic but the mercs spread out and kept an eye out for the shooter. The shooter's next shot went wide, but the PCs got a bead on him. He was on an overlooking cliff top between two boulders. Our heroes stepped out from cover and opened up with their FGMP15's. They both hit and rolled 16 dice each for damage. The boulders, the cliff edge and their adversary were atomised.

There ended the session. We'll pick up exactly where we left off next time.
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