Saturday, April 19, 2014

Yet another Classic Traveller session report

An excellent Traveller session last night. Our heroes were trying to organise a sale of one of their robots. They were looking to generate a bidding frenzy between the large houses on Affran. The first bid was 1MC, and they laughed at the bidder. So, that's two of the great Affran houses who now want their blood.

Their warehouse was attacked over night, in an attempted raid to steal the robots, but they took care of that with a few well placed lasers. the attackers were part of a mercenary company.

Then the Navy turned up needing their consultancy skills. The Navy considers them experts on the alien Aslan. This then, had them shooting out to one of the system's outer moons where a Navy listening post had gone quiet after a garbled message that mentioned the Aslan.

In then end, they found the listening post destroyed and the operators dead. Checking the security system and analyzing the digital records revealed that a small ship had launched from the moon shortly after the attack.

They backtracked the trajectory and this led them to another of the planets moons. There, they found a secret buried installation. When they examined the door, they found it was made for Aslan hands/paws. They blasted their way inside, losing a couple of their Marines (Vasquez and Drake) to an explosive booby trap. A pair of Aslan controlled robots appeared and took out Private Frost before they were taken down.

When they entered the installation there was a terrific explosion as an Aslan ship blasted of from a hidden silo. The P.C.s raced back to their own ship and set off in pursuit but only had an opportunity to take one shot, which they missed...

This is third Aslan incursion the team have happened across. First the illegal colony on New Horizon, the x-boat type ship that appeared in Imperium space and now a hidden base on this moon.

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