Sunday, May 10, 2009

DUNE express

Two things have come together in my latest free print and play game release.

The first thing is that I've played Monopoly Express from Hasbro.

The second thing is that I'm having trouble getting people together to play DUNE.

So I came round to creating "DUNE express". This takes the Dune premise of taking control of a majority of the habital regions of Arrakis and devolves it down to a simple dice game.

It's not just dice however, these are special dice, and its not just rolling, you have to make decisions with every roll. It's for 2 - 5 players but probably best with 3 or 4.

You have 4 faction dice. These have one face per faction and forgive my spelling these being , Spacing Guide, Atredies, Corrino, Harkonnen, Bene Gesseret and Fremen.

You also have a traitor die, that has six side but only three count, these being, Hunter Seeker, Poison and Crysknife.

There is also a location die that names Arakeen, Carthag and the Sietches.

Finally there is tha Spice die giving numbers 1 to 5 and of course Shia Hulud.

There is also a map which has the Polar Sink at its centre and the 5 other regions surrounding it.

On your turn you roll the dice and then have to accept the result on at least one. The dice you didn't accept you can reroll, but each time you reroll you must accept at least one die from the result.

When you roll your faction that counts as a set of troops. The Spice allows you to move troops onto the map and from the Polar Sink. The traitor die allows you to remove an opponents troop for the board. THe location dictate which of the locations you can move troops to. So each die has a meaning when you roll and you have to decide to accept or reroll.

This gets you into situations when you just cant get the location or the amount of spice that you need so you reroll in but each reroll give you less options.

You need to move troops into three of the locations and be in sole possesion of those three locations to win. Fighting is simple elimination of equal numbers of troops.

So it's very simple but , and I'm being quite imodest here, does have an attractive depth of play, that I think might get you to come back and play again.

If your interested, the game is available for free from my BookRanger site.

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