Sunday, April 12, 2009

More thrift store bargains

Another couple of hours spend drifting around charity shops has found c ouple of games for me to have a go at.

The first is a Ravensburger game simply called Quest. You move your piece around a board competing to collect a ring and run it to the the three cities. You also get to plant blocks in front of your opponents and use "lives" to battle each other and dragons!

The other, I don't have must hope for, my son spotted it and hoofed it off the shelf. It's another Scooby Doo game. And after the disaster that was the last Scooby Doo game we tried I was a little jaded. This one however does look like it might actually be a game, where-as the last one was not! This one's called "Escape from the Vortex" and isn't in the BoardGameGeek database ( I've submitted it now ) so I cant guess how good/poor it may really be. Hopefully this holiday I'll get to play it and try it out.

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Jeremiah said...

I've found that it's generally worth the risk to pick up anything from ravensburger. They make some good games, an the components are usually goo enough to prototype with, if nothing else.