Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Dogs

I've just had a most enjoyable 10 minute family game while sat around watching the TV.

"What!" you say. "The Telly!" you say, "How can that be?" you ask.

Well a few months back I noticed that we have a Sky channel called "The Dogs" and every two minutes this channel runs a computer based dog race. It a computer version of going to a dog track.

The TV shows you 6 dogs one after another, you see the dog, the colours its wearing "The odds" and the dogs name on screen for a few seconds. Then a summary, then the computer animates the race. These computer dogs then race once around the track, and the top three are then listed.

Very simple entertainment.

For our game, I gave everyone five chips. Each turn everyone picks a dog and puts a chip in the middle. The player who's dog comes in highest gets the chips put into their score pile. If no one wins, the chips get added to by everyone next time around.

At the end of five races ( or six, if no one wins the last race ) the player with the most score-pile chips wins.

Very simple game, great fun. You sit around with the fizzy pop and some munchies discussing the dogs names for a minute or two then have the excitement of the race with associated highs and lows, and repeat. We'll be doing this again.

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