Friday, January 23, 2009

Who designed this house!

Okay so I’m sitting at work twiddeling my thumbs waiting for some files to copy to a remote computer. I am unable to do anything while this is going on as the “Cisco” software prevents me from accessing anything else, so what do I do? I start looking through my draws for anything to occupy the time.

In my left bottom draw is a copy of Carcassonne, recently returned after lending out for Christmas, but I can’t play that, too big, too obvious, and no one to play with. Same goes for Stratego which is sitting in the bottom right draw (gifted to me from a co-worker just after Christmas and it hasn’t made it home yet.)

Then I spot a little “Black Magic” chocolate box in my top right draw, Ahha! No, I’m not going to eat, inside there is my copy of Zombie in My Pocket!

I pull the draw out as far as possible, pile all the rubbish in there at the back and I have a play-space, HUZZAR!

On the sly I shuffle the cards and tiles, place the first tile, place a plastic Shaggy ( from the Scooby Gang ) on the starting tile and begin.

From the Foyer I move North into the Kitchen, a good start. North again into the Bedroom. West into the Family Room, West into the Storage Room. A stinking dead end! Back through the Family Room, back through the Bedroom and into the kitchen. Now West from there into the Dining room. By now time is ticking by, Zombies have been swamping me, I’m real tired. Out of the Dining Room into... the Bathroom and another dead end. Zombies smash through the west wall I beat them down with a Golf Club and crawl through the hole to find the Evil Temple. Grabbing the Evil totem I go back through the hole into the Bathroom into the Dinning Room and out onto the Patio.

Storming southwards I trip over the Graveyard where I have to dispose of the Totem... but it’s too late. The witching hour has caught up with me. Muh!

So now I’ve entertained myself heartily in the office , when I take a look at this house. What a freak! The kitchen is next to the Dining room, that’s good. The front door enters into the Kitchen, that’s odd. Then to get to the family room you have to go through (thru) a double bedroom! Of course, having an Evil Temple behind the Bathroom wall and a Graveyard in the Garden are just normal practice in this game but surely the architect needs to be fired.

The World is lost due to a badly designed house

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