Monday, January 05, 2009

Hey! That's my fish, 2 player

Today at work ( during lunch ) I played a couple of games of "Hey! That's my fish!". My compadre made a comment that he actually preferred the game with 3 players than with 2. I hadn't given it any thought prior to this and it got me thinking.

When you look at the initial set up for just two players I did feel that the four Penguins each made it look rather crowded. Then with two players who know the game is all about cutting-out expeditions you very quickly start running out of options so the game seems to whizz by.

We found that both games were very close ( one win each by the way ) and that some of the WOW-factor was removed from the game play. When you play with two you can pretty much predict what your opponent is going to do most of the time. When you play with three it just seems that you aren't able to predict whats going to happen between your turns. It's like the third player add a chaos element to the game.

It was this chaos that my friend was missing. I guess its difference between playing chess with perfect knowledge and the usual euro game that includes some unknown element.

After our short discussion on the issue I tend to agree with him, the three player game is more fun. I enjoy the feel of the game with two just as much, but with three there is more interaction that makes it a different experience.

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