Saturday, June 28, 2014

Traveller Session - To Alboors rescue!

It was all action in last night's game. The PCs ended the last session in a night club and had just popped open a guitar case containing two laser rifles...

Jenkins, once a merchant but now an ad hoc trouble-shooter for the Imperial Navy, pulled out his laser rifle and swung round on the two thugs heading over from the door. The brutes dived behind some chairs and tables.

Hake, once a member of the Army but now also a trouble-shooter for the Imperial Navy, grabbed his laser rifle and clubbed down the man behind the bar with him.

Jenkins and the thugs behind the tables started trading shots, with Jenkins first shot burning through a table and the thug behind it, but not until after they had heard the fellow shouting into a radio.

The few patrons had also dived to the floor and were crawling towards the exit. Of course, the music played on.

Another thug emerged from the toilette zipping his fly, and had a rude awakening as he found himself in a fire-fight, he went for his gun. Jenkins took out the other guy hiding behind the tables and then Hake had an inspiration. He held up his ruck sack and pretended it contained a bomb. His speech had effect and the shooting stopped. The toilette thug pulled out a radio and called someone.

Another man appeared, this one carrying a sub machine gun at the rail of the balcony above the dance floor. Words were exchanged, along with bomb threats. The PCs made it clear that they wanted Alboor and they wanted him now!. Alboor, or at least a man with a bag over his head, was brought to the rail along with a nattily dressed gentlemen (who was assumed to be the manager of the club).

Further discussion ensued and it seemed that the PC's were going to get Alboor handed over. The men at the rail disappeared, but rather than them appearing downstairs with Alboor, a know of five more thugs burst from the stairwell, scattering across the dance floor and letting fly with their pistols.

Hake, dropped down behind the bar for cover, Jenkins slipped sideways and used the DJ's stand for cover. Shots were fired, near misses for the most part, but with occasional hits on the bad guys. Hake felt his shooting was rather miserable, so opted to get close and personal. He slipped his boarding axe out of the bag.

Jenkins took down one or two of the thugs, burning hole through their bodies with his laser and then Hake was bounding over the bar. He laid into a thug smashing his face and taking his nose off with the axe. Jenkins coolly burnt another bad guy to the ground and the last but one thug was soon fell victim to the axe.

That left one bad guy. Jenkins edged out moving around the DJ's stand opening his view and trying to pin down the thug. With a yell the thug leapt off the stand from behind Jenkins but missed his target and landed face down next to Jenkins, who promptly burnt his brains out.

They bounded up the stairs emerging onto the balcony. They raced around this to the door at the far end. A couple of brute force attacks bashed in the door. They were in a corridor. Bullets came out of the first door they came to. Hoping to scare the bad guys out of the room, the PCs ripped off the doorknob from the door they had smashed, and threw this into the room while shouting grenade. Instead of the bad guys rushing out, they heard a door shutting.

The room turned out to be a secretary's office with a door at the far side, the door the bad guys had no doubt just gone through.

The evening session ended as Hake burst through this door into the posh office beyond and was assaulted by a hail of bullets (that all missed)!

Uninspired map of the upper floor

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