Wednesday, January 24, 2024


I've released a solo journaling game called Stitchpunk. This game was inspired by the 2009 film "9". You play the part of a small team of animated hand stitched dolls, in a far future where mankind has been removed from the face of the Earth by The Computer and its ever growing army of robots.

The dolls were made by the last of the humans, and they imbued them with their will, soul, spirit, and something else. The human's wishes and desire has somehow passed into these dolls.

Long after humanity is gone, the robots continue turning Earth into a wasteland where nothing lives. Into this world the dolls appear , with the objective of bringing down the The Computer.

Sunday, October 01, 2023

Lemuria Space Station, first bounty

I played my first bounty hunt in Lemuria Space Station today. I was Belasco, a robot hunter of gloomy disposition who just hates robots.

Armed with a rather poor Snub-E station-safe pistol, and a frying pan (hey don't judge its practically armour and packs quite a wallop if you give it a good swing). Checking the bounty board, I spotted there was one of those horrid B3AR-BOTs on the loose. The furry little bastards!

I headed out and started the hunt. It was not a good time, people were either lying to me or just plain stupid. I was wandering all over the place even ended up on the observation deck. Wouldn't you know it, I spotted both Argent-6 and Dexio, two unluckier moons do not exist (-2 in combat).  Despite that bad luck I popped into the deck security office and my buddy Deckard was on duty. He let me use the security cams, and I found my target toddling around the cryo-deck peeking at the sleepers. I promised Deckard a beer and headed down to cryo.

I spotted the shit-rig before it saw me., but my shot went wild. It rushed me but I only got grazed as I jumped up onto a cryobed. My next shot took out the bot's control centre.  It started running around randomly, and I missed it with all three capture bolt. I smacked it with the pan. That stopped it, but with the head crushed I'd be lucky to get half the bounty. Fekkin robots.

Sunday, July 30, 2023

Review - Operation Solo Endeavor

I picked up this supplement for Operation Whitebox for two reasons. Firstly I'm a huge fan of Operation WhiteBox and I've written a few scenarios for the system too. I thought I might have some fun solo-ing a team through one of my own scenarios.

I like what I found in here. An intro to solo playing, then a straight into a useful table for determining a mission objective. This table is short but it gives a nice variety of mission types. It then guides you into generating some VIPs for your mission. They might be NPCs, officers, targets, or otherwise. There are tables for theatre of operation and then significant places for the mission. 

Next we move into "Planning" which takes you the player through the design process of what you want to do when playing, and what sort of NPC you might want to prepare. 

It also introduces a mechanic called "Tension". This is a great idea. Its a ticking timebomb for a disaster. As you play it ticks down to something very bad happening. You never quite know when this bomb will go off or what form of DOOM it will take.

Then there's a guide on how to ask/answer the questions that drive the game, and gives you simple "oracle" to get your answers. It's a simple D10 mechanism ... but ... its variable, and you you can tailor it to the situation, ... and ... it drives that Tension mechanism.

Another great set of tables provide you inspiration and flavour for answering questions and feeding into your story. Talking of which, there is an nice set of NPC names tables, tailored to various nations involved. Beyond these, the book gives you plenty of advice on story telling and handling a team of players rather than a single character. 

To sum up, I'm really happy with this product, its a perfect fit for Operation Whitebox, and I'm going to be using it tonight! My only gripe, is that I'd like to own this as physical book.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Second playtest of "Adventure Path"

In my first playtest my test got wasted in a couple of encounters. So I spent some time thinking about how I played and wondering if I did anything wrong. The result of this pondering is the realisation that I didn't really use the Melee Defence skill to its optimum. So in the following play through, I made a point of using it when I could. I also took another four classes of character with different skills, and it went much better, as you'll see...

My characters:

  • Bowman, HP 11, Missile Fire +1, Ambush +1
  • Draygon, HP 15, Melee Defence +1, Fireball +1
  • Toadun, HP 9, Spot Hidden +1, Tracking +1
  • Nephellin, HP 6, Darts +1, Charm +1

Move 1, Moving into the +0 Zone

Toadun makes tracking roll to get a peak at the Helmet location to see what's there, but he fails

We move into the Helmet location and reveal the encounter to be 2 Orcs

  • Orc, Melee Attack +1, Damage Bonus +2

Bowman Attempts an Ambush, but fails.

Round ~1~

  • Nelphellin Melee Attacks Orc1 doing 3HP
  • Orc2 Melee Attacks Draygon doing 9HP
  • Draygon Melee Defence blocks 5HP of damage
  • Bowman Missile Attacks Orc2 killing it
  • Toadun Melee Attacks Orc1 for 2 damage
  • Orc1 Melee Defence blocks incoming damage

Round ~2~

  • Bowman Missile Attacks Orc1 Killing it.

4 treasure have been earned!

Move 2, Moving into the +1 Zone

Encounter a Werewolf, HP 22, Melee Attack +1, Melee Defence +1, Damage Bonus 1D4.

Bowman attempts Ambush, fails.

Round ~1~

  • Bowman Missile Fire for 3HP damage
  • Toadun Melee Attacks for 1HP damage
  • Werewolf attacks nephellin 8HP damage (kill?)
  • Draygon Melee Attacks for 6HP damage
  • Nephellin Melee Defence for 3 reduces damage to 5HP

Round ~2~

  • Draygon Melee Attacks for 2HP damage
  • Toadun Melee Attacks for 1HP damage
  • Nephellin Melee Attacks for 4HP damage
  • Bowman Missile fires for 7HP damage killing werewolf

Earned 6 Treasure (10 total)

Move 3, +2 band 

Encounter Village, 

Draygon visits the Blacksmith and spends all the party Treasure to gain a +1 Sword (Melee Attack bonus)

Move 4, +3 band, to a "?" space 

Roll 1D6 to determine encounter category, result =Helmet Category

Constrictor, HP 12, Melee Attack +2, Damage Bonus +1

Round ~1~

  • Nephellin melee attacks 5HP damage
  • Bowman Missile Fires for 5HP damage
  • Constrictor Melee Attacks Draygon for 6HP damage
  • Draygon Melee Defence 7HP (so no damage)
  • Toadun Melee Attacks 5HP damage killing constrictor

No Treasure :(

Move 5, +4 band 

Toadun makes a Tracking attempt on the Helmet encounter success "There be spiders ahead". Toadun suggests we go to the Cave encounter instead

Iron Eater HP 12, Melee Attack +3, Melee Defence +1, Damage Bonus +1

Round ~1~

  • Draygon Melee Attacks 8HP Damage
  • Toadun Melee Attacks 2HP Damage
  • Bowman Missile Attacks 6HP Damage
  • Nephellin Melee Attacks 3HP Damage
  • Iron Eater Melee Defence, still dies.
  • The Iron Eater destroyed Draygon's sword :(

Move 6, +5 band, to a "?" space  

Roll 1D6 to determine encounter category, Helmet Attack

OwlBear,HP 18, Initiative +2, Melee Attack +3, Melee Defence +2,  Damage Bonus 1D6

Bowman Attempts an Ambush, Success.

Round ~0 (Ambush)~

  • Bowman Missile Fire does 3HP Damage
  • Draygon Melee Attack does 6HP
  • Toadun Melee Attack does 3HP
  • Nephellin Melee Attack does 5HP Damage 

Round ~1~

  • Toadun Melee Attack does 3 Hit Points
  • Dragon Melee Attack does 5 Hit Points
  • The Owlbear will not be able to fend off both attacks, so the Owlbear is killed

10 Treasure!

Move 7, +6 band 


  • Bowman takes the Stash Action saving 5 Treaure
  • Draygon and Nephellin take the Rest option and heal 2HP

Move 8, +7 band, The Lair 

Nightmare HP14, Melee Attack +2, Melee Defence +1, Damage bonus 1D6

5 x DarkElves HP 8, Melee Attack +4, Melee Defence +2

Bowman attempts Ambush, fails

Round ~1~

  • Toadun Melee Attacks DE1 doing 1HP damage
  • Nephellin casts Darts, fails
  • DE4 melee attacks Toadun doing 7HP damage
  • Bowman Missile at DE4 doing 7HP damage
  • DE1 melee attacks Toadun doing 7HP killing him
  • DE2 melee attacks Bowman doing 6HP 
  • Draygon Melee attacks DE4 doing 3HP damage killing
  • DE5 Melee  attacks Draygon doing 7HP damage
  • Nephellin Melee attacks DE1 doing 3HP damage
  • Nightmare Melee attacks Nephellin doing 5HP damage

Round ~2~

  • DE1 Melee attacks Bowman doing 6HP
  • Nightmare Melee attacks Draygon doing 3HP
  • Draygon melee attacks DE1 doing 2HP
  • DE3 Melee attacks Nephellin doing 6HP
  • DE5 Melee attacks Nephellin doing 10HP killing
  • DE2 Attacks Draygon doing 6HP killing
  • Bowman does Melee defence stopping 4HP (2hp damage)

Round ~3~

Concede, because 4 melee attacks on last character that he could not fend off

Summary: Killed by the End Boss' but did manager to stash 5 treasure for use in next run. Got much further in this run than the last. I put this down to some lucky rolls, but mostly down to some very good skills. Melee Defence was critical, and Ambush proved very powerful. Spells at first level seem pretty low power which is appropriate. I'm happy with how it went.

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Playtesting "Adventure Path"

I've spent the last few weeks writing up a new solo RPG which takes inspiration from "Four Against Darkness" and the digital card game "Slay the Spire". With the first draft of the rules complete it was time to do my first playtest. The following are my notes from the far too short game.

My characters

  • Soldier Hp(14) Melee Attack +1 Melee Defence +1
  • Bandit Hp(10)  Melee Attack +1 Initiative +1
  • Elementalist Hp(8)  Danger Sense +1 Earth Shield +1
  • Acrobat Hp(9)  Dexterity +1 Initiative +1

So with my party ready to go, I started my first move up the map. I had a choice of overland or underground encounter, I opted for the slightly easier overland encounter.

Move 1 -----

Move to Helmet Encounter, Difficulty mod +0

Encounter (4) Constrictor, attacks character with most hit points

  • HP (12) Melee Attack+2 Damage Bonus +1, no treasure

I rolled initiative for characters and monster.  Monster rolled a 1.

Acrobat melee attack +0 > 4, Constrictor reduced HP to 8

Soldier melee attack +1 > 3, Constrictor reduced HP to 5

Bandit Melee attach +1 > 6, Constrictor reduced to 0 HP

A win for my heroes, but alas the constrictor has no treasure.

Move 2 -----

Move to Helmet Encounter, Difficulty mod +1

Encounter (10+1) Wererats # App (1d4+1) 5 ,Melee Attack +2, Melee Defence +1 8HP each.

~Round 1~

WR1 Hits Soldier doing 4HP damage

WR4 Hits Bandit doing 3HP damage

Acrobat hit WR1 doing 1HP damage

WR5 Hits Elementalist doing 6HP damage

Soldier Hits WR1 doing 4HP damage 

WR3 its Acrobat doing 8HP damage

Bandit Hits WR1 doing 4HP damage

Elementalist Hits WR2 doing 6HP damage

WR2 Hits attacks soldier doing 5HP

~Round 2~

Soldier Hits WR2 doing 5HP damage

Elementalist casts "Earth Shield"

WR4 Hits Bandit Doing 1HP of Damage

Bandit Hits WR3 doing 4HP damage

Acrobat Hits WR3 doing 5HP damage

WR5 Hits Bandit doing 1HP damage

~Round 3~

Bandit attacks WR4 doing 5HP damage

Acrobat attacks WR4 doing 1HP damage

WR4 attacks Acrobat killing him

WR5 attacks Elementalist killing him

Soldier attacks WR4 doing 2HP damage

~Round 4~

Soldier attacks WR5 doing 3HP damage

Bandit attacks WR4 doing doing 3HP damage

WR5 attacks soldier killing him

~Round 5~

WR5 attacks Bandit killing him.

... and so ended my party of adventurers. I expect the game to be swingy because it does use random die rolls to determine encounters. I even think it was back luck to roll 10+1 on the second encounter (were rats) and then to roll the maximum number of enemies 1D4+1 (5). My first inclination is to "harden" the characters, perhaps by giving them armour/shield to act as damage reduction. However I'm not sure if one single play test attempt is a good place to make changes. After all, solo games have to have extreme challenge.

Edit, I'm definitely going to make another playtest before changing anything.

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Cloistered, an adventure space for Old School Essentials

Cloistered is an adventure location for the Old School Essentials RPG. This booklet provides a map of a

working monastery, with NPCs including the Abbot who can act as a patron. Details are given of the monastic rituals and the religion at it core. 

The nearby town of "Nasty" is mapped out with NPCs, along with details on the surrounding villages and adventure locations.

The monastery is detailed along with its NPCs so you can have your PCS stay in there for a while, and even use it as a base and place to recoup. To help with that, the area surrounding the monastery is mapped out terrain, villages, and adventure spaces on the map. Customised encounter tables for the area keep it themed appropriately.

There's a scenario seed generator inside so provide adventures that the Abbot can provide to the players.

Two dungeons are mapped out and populated along with some new monsters.

Grab it from DriveThruRPG .

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Operation Green Angel

Operation Green Angel is a one-shot scenario written by yourself, for use with the Operation WhiteBox

WWII RPG. In this scenario the players have to penetrate deep into the Burmese jungle and Japanese held territory to rescue a scientist from the slave camp where he and thousands of allied POWs are working and dying on the "Death Railway".

I wrote this scenario, and was clearly inspired the real world history of the Burma railway that the Japanese drove through the jungle using POWs and local slaves. I always base my WWII scenario of the heroic stories and events of true history, this approach means I never run out of ideas. The real historic  soldiers of WWII were real heroes.